“Thank you for thinking of joining next year’s Bali yoga retreat. Bali is a magnificent island with so much to offer.
I am organizing this week with much heart and passion and I would love to share the experience with you.”

For seven days I will share my recipe for freedom of the body, mind and heart. This trip will bring you to one of my favourite parts of Bali, Canggu. This is a popular area in Bali and I’ve chosen this part of the island because I truly enjoy the vibe. Canggu offers outstanding and highly conscious restaurants, a honest and loving yoga community, good surf and a cool mixture of open minded people. The retreat center I've handpicked myself is a quiet and spacious oasis located among the rice fields 12 minutes from Canggu.

Who is this retreat for?

This week is designed for you who are ready to take your yoga practice into deeper layers. It is a full experience for body, mind & spirit that can be deeply healing and empowering.
The retreat is suitable for both beginner and more experienced yogins. In class I am always giving options and variations so that you can form and adjust your time on the mat to where you are at.
Before you travel, I recommend you to practice some form of yoga at least 1-2 times per week. This to awaken your body and breath awareness and to enable the ability to flow through class with more ease and comfort. This will also prepare you to dive deeper into your physical practice and expand and grow as a person.


An ordinary day begins with you awakening in silence with the sun for pranayama and meditation, followed by a green juice, fruits and tea. After this relaxing start of the day you will be guided through a forceful and performance-free Vinyasa class, which is followed by a long breakfast.  In the afternoon we will meet up for some recuperation in the shape of yin yoga and afterwards a colourful and nourishing dinner awaits.


6.30-7.30 – Pranayama & Meditation

7.30 – Green juice, fruits & tea

8.00-10.00 - Fire Vinyasa or Workshop

10.00 - Breakfast

Free time

14.00 - Lunch

Free time

16.30-18.00 – Moon Hatha or yin yoga

19.00 Dinner

“All classes are optional, and you choose to participate as much as you want. The classes always include a long Savasana, pranayama and meditation at the end.”


Surfing is a fun compliment to the daily yoga practice. Imagine a morning filled with yoga, a yummy breakfast, some chill time and then off to the beach for ocean play. When you are back in the yoga bubble again you will be well prepared to fully surrender and relax yourself into the afternoon yin & meditation practice. My partner Tayne is happy to take and help you if you wish and only for the cost of surfboard hire.

Arrival & day of departure

9th of March

3 pm – Check in

4.30-6 pm – Welcome ceremony and Gentle flow

7 pm – Group dinner

15th of March

6.30-7.30  am – Pranayama & Meditation

7.30 am – Green juice, fruits & tea

8.00-10.00 am - Vinyasa and sharing

10.00 am - Breakfast

Check out at noon.

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