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"I’ve done countless yoga classes with Dalie during the years and she is truly amazing. Her knowledge about yoga and her way of instructing makes it a blessing to be around her. She is just such a lovely person.
I have also hired her to do yoga at our office and everyone loved it. Her massage skills are profound and is well worth the investment".
- Maria, Gothenburg 

"Dalie is absolutely magical and her classes create a community filled with love and care that not only inspire during class but to bring that feeling outside and to everyone you meet.
If you have the opportunity, join her class(es)". 
- Amanda, Gothenburg 

"I had the pleasure of meeting Dalie in Sweden this summer. She has a beautiful energy and guided our practice with skill and grace. We enjoyed her class so much! The instrument she played for us was the perfect compliment to her teaching. Such a great experience. Look forward to more one day! Love".
- Shayni, New Zealand 

”Dalie’s yoga is much like she is in person – very genuine.
The journey on the mat is an experience on many levels – physically, mentally and spiritually.
really appreciate that Dalie, in her classes, manage to combine strength and agility, focus and reflection as well as a good portion of joy, gratitude, presence and acceptance. Her classes are personal, varied and playful yet full of respect for the body, mind, senses and life overall.
I can warmly recommend Dalie’s classes and retreats to anyone that wishes to have a deep and genuine yoga experience”.
- Karin Hellström, November 2019

"I have been to countless yoga classes with Dalie over the years, she is an incredible human and instructor, she always makes me feel connected and calm during a class. AND her massages are just AMAZING, recommend everyone to try one! Definitely best massage I've ever had and I've had many"...
- Camilla, Australia

"Dalie is the most amazing yoga teacher and a true inspiration! After attending quite many of her wonderful classes I have not yet experienced one class that is the same as before, Dalie always has a new theme or agenda for the inspiring different classes. She creates a lovely atmosphere and you leave her sessions totally relaxed and blessed by the experience."
-Sofia, Gothenburg

"I had tried yoga a number of times before meeting Dalie but had never really stuck to it. I thought it wasn't really "my thing" until the day I accidentally ended up in one of Daly's classes. I immediately became completely sold out and still am today. With warmth, passion and immense love, Dalie invites you to a class and place that is for everyone. Regardless of the state of mind before the workout, I always leave with a smile on my lips, a calm in body & mind and a longing to get back. It is always as if she has read my thoughts and gives me what I need for the day. I am extremely grateful to be able to take part in Daly's knowledge and presence over and over again. I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO GO! It will change your life forever. Also invites everyone to go for a massage at Dalie. I have had a lot of problems with my hips but feel restored today. She goes through her whole body, stretches out one and knows exactly where to press. This is also done with an enormous amount of love and knowledge. Dalie, you are magic !! Thank you and thank you again for everything you give!"
-Cornelia, Gothenburg

"Dalie has been my gateway into yoga, and key to my recovery from a reoccurring ankle injury. Call it chance, serendipity or simple luck, whatever it is, I feel fortunate and grateful to have discovered yoga through you and your open and generous practice. Your guidance not only shapes our minds and bodies, it also gives us safe refuge from the daily demands of our hectic lives. So keep flowing, evolving and sharing, so we can all continue learning and growing with you x"
-Mario, Gothenburg

"One of the most incredible teachers I know. Dalie teaches with her heart and creates an authentic space for all students to grow and evolve into their fullest potential."
-Charlotte, Gothenburg

"I highly recommend you to join one of Dalie's class or retreat and experience for yourself the magic she creates. Words won't do it justice."
-Arnaud, Australia


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