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Dalie Bäfverfeldt

Ever a child of nature, I love walking barefoot. I love the sun, the rain, the ocean, the trees and the moss.

What inspires, moves and makes me come alive is…

The meeting between two hearts

To listen and be listened to

Nature’s wild perfection

The curiosity of the staggering and infinite behind the physical experience and the natural but somewhat crazy mind.

The strength in being able to come forward, uncensored, and show myself as life is happening.

The courage it takes to meet myself in silence and serenity when it feels the most

This is my longing, my highest priority and what I wish to experience with you, who I walk alongside on this earth, in this life, at this moment.

When yoga snuck up on me…
As an eighteen-year-old I was just about to finish high school, I was quite enthusiastic about wild parties, boys and intense workouts. It was around this time that yoga unexpectedly made its way into my life, but it was only after high school and a long trip to the other side of the world that I understood that yoga would become a major part of my life.

During 2013 and 2014 I travelled for a long period of time, and it was during this time that I finished my first yoga teacher training. I fell for the magic embracing Costa Rica, where I settled for quite some time, and I have taught yoga fulltime since then. Currently I live in Gothenburg and it is here I wildly share my love of yoga.

What drives me the most when meeting you in a yoga context… is that you who choose to practice together with me, will be guided to a place where you learn to listen to your body, as well as attune your practice to meet your ability from one day to the next.

My intention…
is to always meet from an uncensored place, I want you to feel that you are safe and welcome the way you are. In my genuine and most present way I will share my interpretation of yoga, which could be described as forceful and free from performance.

I wish to plant seeds that may contribute to increased well-being by sharing my experience and reflections, as well as the wisdom that I have been granted along the way. My biggest motivation is to in a safe and accessible way serve you ancient tools that are used for self discovery and self remembrance. I'm doing my best to always create a sacred space for you where you can in your own pace get in contact with the real you, layer after layer. In this place you can experience inner peace and strength, and hopefully starting to get a glimpse of your deepest life purpose.

Significant experiences

•200h YTT - Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico

•300h YTT - Yandara Yoga Institute, Mexico

•25h Restorative yoga - Yogayama Gothenburg

•50h Experiential Anatomy - Judith Hansson Laseter & Mary Richards

•Thai Yoga Massage training - Sunshine network, Thailand

•Personal trainer - National Academy of sports medicine, USA

•Vipassana - Dipabhavan Meditation Center, Koh Samui, Thailand

•Vipassana - Dhamma Sobhana, Ödeshög, Sweden


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